First Person Shooter – Ground Survival

QUE.COM Ground Survival 3D Game

QUE.COM Ground Survival 3D Game

About the Ground Survival 3D Game. This is a First Person Shooter 3D Game. Your mission is to eliminate all threats and to stay alive. The soldiers will patrol and wander within the security perimeter. They will engage once they found you. Have fun!

A new update for FPS Ground Survival 3D Game to add some improvements.

Here’s how to play the game.
Go to web page, download the plugin to load the game.
Use WASD keys to move and your mouse to aim/shoot your enemy. Enjoy and stay alive.

Official Website:
For iPhone/iPad. Download it here:
For Android. Download it here: still in development …

Play Online click here –> Ground Survival 3D Game 
Tested using Firefox and Internet Explorer browser, but not for Edge or Google Chrome. I am working to upgrade the online to WebGL to  support modern browser.

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