Million Dollar Domain Names Club

Do you know the Million Dollar domain names sold for the last 10 years, and what they are now?

When someone purchased at least a million dollar domain name, you expect to have a business model ready for a return of investment. Most of these Million Dollar domain names are active websites but some of them are parked, redirect to another website, or even worst not active (not resolving website).

The List of 40 Million Dollar Domain Names Club, sold at least 1 million.
Here’s the list of most expensive domain names sold.

The domain names and were sold $1.5M and $1.25M respectively but parked. At least they make some $$$ through parking. How about the inactive domains e.g.,,,, and They acquired the domain name for millions but never bother to at least redirect to their website.

Are you a member of Million Dollar Domain Name Club? If not, do you have a domain name in your portfolio that someday will give you this title?

For me, still in progress … looking for the buyer of KING.NET currently broker by for $1.2M as of 2012. The value can go up to $1.5M next year. Remember, the buyer and seller dictate the value of your domain name. As the seller of KING.NET, I will only sell it for $1.2M as of 2012.


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